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February 2010


Warmer Temperatures


Well, life has kind of settled into its normal everyday rut. Everything thing has been pretty much the same for quite some time so I haven't bothered to update the blog as there isn't anything new to put in it.
Up until about 3 weeks ago the temperatures had been between -20 and -40 degrees Celsius and we had about 30cm's of snow. Then a Chinook blew into town and the temperatures soared up to between -10 and 8 degrees Celsius. A Chinook is what they call a warm prairie wind. The poo's and wee's :-) had been building up in the corals, and was frozen to between a foot and two foot in thickness. The calves were quite tall and able to get out of the corals from time to time. So we took advantage of the warmer temperatures and managed to scrape it all out. Although it was still in huge chunks we eventually broke it up and got it out. The calves looked so small once we had finished! Within 2 weeks the Chinook had pretty much melted all the snow away.
As pretty much all the tourist attractions here in Canada have, like the bears, gone into hibernation for winter I have been spending a huge amount of time researching the Europe stage of my trip. It amazes me how much there is to research and stuff to be organized.
On another note the sunrise's here are absolutely awesome. On one side of the sky there are varying hues of blue and on the other there will be purples, reds, yellows, pinks, oranges (no, not the fruit, the color!)

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