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March 2011

October 22nd


sunny 25 °C

I allowed myself a little sleep in and, after a chocolate pastry and a cafe latte, I headed off to the Colosseum. After getting another wad of cash out I booked a guided tour of the Colosseum and the Forum. After waiting for a little while we headed off around the Colosseum to begin the tour. After finding out how the exterior was adorned, where most of it is now, and how it was all assembled, we headed inside. We were taken around the middle section and shown where the emperor, nobility and commoners sat. Prior to the completion of the Colosseum, the emperor had the Colosseum flooded and a ship battle took place within it. The outer two rings which stop half way round fell down through several earthquakes many years ago. Due to the amount of animals brought in from around the world they found in 1855 that there were 420 differently species of flora within the Colosseum. We were also shown how water was brought in to feed the fresh water drinking fountains within the Colosseum. The tour ended after around 40 minutes and we were given 30 minutes to wander around before the tour for the Forum began.
I wandered around with an American woman for a while. We realised that time was running short so we headed out of the Colosseum and I purchased a super sized donut as a lunch time feed before commencing the tour of the forum. The guide took us over to what used to be the elite shopping district within the Forum and explained how the hierarchy worked. After about 20 minutes or so the tour ended and the American lady and I went for a wander around the forum and Palatine hill wandering into some of the buildings which were accessible. There are some incredible sights here which I wish I had had a guide to explain to me.
Some of the buildings are three stories high with earth and ground all the way around them. Eventually, at 3:30pm I decided to head off as I wanted to catch the free waking tour of Rome so we parted ways. After walking up, down and all around Rome for an hour and a half, I eventually arrived at the Spanish Steps just in time to join the tour.
Here are the hordes at the Pantheon!
The tour group and I headed off to several catholic churches which all seemed to be in the middle of a service, to a nunnery (or convent as they call them now now-a-days :-)), past a Rolex store, and eventually finished the tour at the Trevi fountain.
With an appetite to rival some of the statutes at the Trevi fountain I headed back up the street to a recommended Italian restaurant which was thick with customers. After spending some time deciding what would satisfy my taste buds I bought a pasta to go which only ended up costing 5 Euros. I headed back to the Trevi fountain with my mouth watering feed, took a seat and devoured the pasta whilst admiring the beauty before me. I then headed to the Gelateria across the way and got a pana cota gelato to top the evening off nicely!

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