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April 2010

April 3rd


sunny 6 °C

This afternoon Rob, Ruelof and I headed out to a freind of Robs place. Our mission today was gofer control. Our choice of weapon was rifles and our aim was deadly... well most of the time! On our way out to the property we spotted a feral cat, slammed on the brakes, reversed up and stuck the .22 out the window lined it up in the sights and goodbye ferral cat. We hit the road again and arrived at our destination a short time later.
We hit the pasture in search of gofers. The ground was covered in brown grass and loads of crap. After some time I saw 1 then 2 then 3 running along the ground. When they stopped it was hard to see the as the are the same colour as the grass. Needless to say I sighted in several gofers and left plenty of food for the crows. There were a couple of hliarious times like once when a fat gofer tried to go down a small hole. His head was down the hole and the rest of its body was above and its legs were thrashing the air in a vain attempt to get underground. Here is a pic of a sleeping gofer.

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29th March

semi-overcast 7 °C

Life is back at its normal pace again. I started work again on Friday. This weekend was my weekend on so I was up at 3am to start work at 3:30am. The snow has almost completely melted away now, the ground has faded from white back into brown, the soil is defrosting and the grass is growing green again. Today was a beautiful day with sunny skies and approximately 13 degrees celcius. Ah.... Spring! What a beautiful feeling. Even the geese are returning from their southern holidays. Soon we shall begin to plow/cultivate the ground and start seeding. On wednesday we got a John Deere payloader to try out. I spent about an hour playing around in it moving a pile of muck to the fertalizer pile which was pretty awesome as they are not a cheap machine and are very different to driving a tractor.

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