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August 2009

August 24th


sunny 26 °C

Well... here I am in Canada! I arrived at Calgary airport on Wednesday the 19th. Immigration was easier then I could ever have dreamed! Wim & Hennie picked me up from the airport and brought me back to their place. I am now working on thier dairy farm and have my own relocatable house. It has 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and serveral other rooms as weel as a kitchen, lounge and dining!!! Internet has been an issue hence the delay in updating the blog! I haven't managed to get any pictures yet. I practiced driving th e tractor this morning with the feeder on the back and have done a few things such as a weener roast which I will explain later.

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August 17th

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Bath

25 °C

Today I boarded the bus in London central at 8am to start the tour of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Bath. We headed off at about 9am from the actual tour head quarters. It turned out to be a bit of a rush to fit all three places in in one day as it doesn't allow much time for each place. We arrived at Windsor Castle and as usual with castles youre not allowed to take pictures inside. I have a couple of pictures of the outside but thats about it i'm afraid. There were coats of armour, pictures galore... one of them is reputably worth one hundred million. There were hundreds of old fashioned pistols, swords, guns etc! Rooms and rooms with gold trim... 22 carrot. The china was absolutely incredible as was the dolls house. The dolls house had full electrics, plumbing etc! Well... when i looked down at my watch I realised what the time was and ran all the way back to the bus and made it just in time. We then headed towards stonehenge and stopped off for a lunch on the way. I had roast pork and sticky toffee pudding with ice scream. After lunch we headed off for Stonehenge which was built apparently 6000 years ago... Adam must have been a very strong man!
There were more tourists there then I have seen for quite some time! I took some pictures and then we hit the road again for Bath. This was were I really wanted to go! We had 3/4's of an hour to ourselves which is no where near long enough. In that short time I checked out the Bath Abbey, the BAth bridge and just made it back in time to visit the Roman Baths. This in itself requires at least 3 hours but we rushed through in 3/4's of an hour! :-) I hope to get back there when I return. Here are the pics!

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August 11 & 12

The "Monopoly Board" Walk

sunny 24 °C

Over these two days Andrew & I headed into London to do our very own Monopoly Board walking tour. As all the streets are not in order and it would have taken us days to finish it we did the walk by the quickest available route. I purchassed a 1 week transport pass for 28 quid and we took the underground to Elephant & Castle train station, jumped on a bus and headed down to Old Kent Road. After walking for ages we finally found the "Old Kent Road" road sign. We then headed to Fenchurch Street Station and came across Vine street on the way. We headed down to Fenchurch Street Station and then headed down to the Tower Bridge to meet up with Justin. We headed to a local for lunch where I ordered a large bangers and mash and ended up with about 8 sausages, potato and gravy. We then headed to White Chapel Road, Liverpool Street Station, Angel Islington, Pentonville Road, Kings Cross Station, Euston Road, Marylebone Station, Oxford street, Park Lane & Mayfair. On our way through Mayfair we encountered an unbelieveble amount of Aston Martons, Porsches, Ferarris etc. We also popped into a very expensive store for a quick look around as there were a couple of elephants in the window which had taken our attention. The Gentleman in the store explained that the elephants where made in 1880 by a mint company and the pair where worth 6.5 Million pounds. He then took us to see a chandalier worth 650,000 pound and a small statute worth 1.25 million pounds. He was a top bloke as he got all the assistants for the different areas to come and tell us what each piece was worth and all the details of it. Somehow in between all this I managed to loose my 1 week train pass and also a 1 day pass which I bought to replace it. We then headed off to meet up with Finlay and headed back to Jane VK's place for a game of Monopoly.
The next day Andrew, Justin, Jeremy & I headed back to Hughs so we could change and freshen up. We then continued our Monopoly Board walk around the city. After arriving in Westminister Station we headed to Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Pall Mall, White Hall... where I got a picture of the Florence Nightingale Statute, and continued on to Whitehall, Northumberland Ave, The Strand and Trafalgar Square. This is about were we stopped and all got indivdual caricatures drawn.
Then after a slice of Italian pizza we headed on and went to Leicester Square, Bow street, Coventry Street, Bond Street and to finish it all off... Marlborough Street. We had a quick dinner at a local and headed off to church. After church we all headed back to a Kiwi burger place called GBK's for a real dinner. It took way longer then I thought it would to do the Monopoly Board, but all in all... Fun!

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August 10th

Walking London

overcast 17 °C

Today Andrew & I headed into Covant Gardens Markets. We had a wander around the markets and saw some live erformers including one lady who was quite an impressive opera singer and then headed to a local english pub for bangers and mash for lunc. We then headed to Westminister station and met up with Finlay. We had a brief look at Parliment house, the Big Ben, Westminister Abbey and Buckingham Palace and then caught a train to St Pauls and had a very quick look around. We then headed to the Tower and crossed the Tower Bridge and walked the south bank. We found a very cool old church which had an old Roman god on display which dated back to 300BC. We also found the Clink prison which is where the term "The Clink" (the prison) came from.
It was an horrific place where a lot of torture was used and we got to see the different methods of torture used. We then headed home for a rather nice dinner. We have a really cool idea for tomorrow but you will have to wait till then to hear what we got up to!

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August 7th

London Day Trip 2

semi-overcast 24 °C

Today I headed into London for a second time. This time however, as I planned to see the tower of London Bridge and I didn't want to tire out too quick, I decided to take a bus into town. So I climbed onto a red double decker bus, headed into town and got off near Victoria Street Station. After studying my basic map I then started my short walk from Victoria Street to the Tower Bridge. 2.5 hours later I found a map board on the side of the road showing that I was only two thirds of the way there and the realization that my basic map was absoulte rubbish finally sunk in!!! I jumped onto the next bus and got to Tower Bridge hours earlier then I would have if I was still walking.
I took a tour through Tower Bridge which wasn't near as romantic as I thought it would have been although it was definitely worth every cent! I thought that there would have been some old fellow living in a really well decked out tower of the bridge, but alas there was no luck here. We, the tour group, then descended down into the bowels of the bridge to see the old boiler rooms. After a bit a walk around I realised that I better start heading home if I wanted to get to Roland and Janes for dinner and games. After jumping out of one bus to try to get on another and missing it, then waiting three quarts of an hour for busses that just did not turn up, I eventually got home. Then I jogged down to the train station, jumped the next train to East Croiden and realised half way there that as the battery in my phone was dead I had no way of contacting anyone when I arrived to come and pick me up! I also didn't know what the address was and nobody here believes in phone books. It all worked out in the end and I eventually got to Jane & Rolands at about 10pm. We played 2 games of Catan and I was seriously thrashed twice. Then we embarked on a game of Monopoly which lasted till about 4:30am this morning. It was terribly fun old chap!, and I even found GO, passed it and collected my $200! Hugh and I then had 2 hours sleep and caught the train home. We'll catch up on the rest of it tonight... maybe!

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