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October 2009

October 17th

Hunting and driving

semi-overcast 12 °C

Today I was picked up at 7am by Pastor Lewis and we drove over to the back paddock. We met up with Rob and started putting all the decoys out. We put up the blind which is what we sit in so the birds cannot see us. We chatted and watched the sunrise as we waited for the geese and ducks to fly in.
Finally the flocks of birds started to fly over. Rob pulled out his bird call whistles and started blasting out the calls. A flock of geese changed direction and came right on in. Up jumped Rob with the semi auto 12 gauge shotgun and fired off three rounds. A white goose started its slow descent. Unfortunately its slow descent meant it ended up landing a klm away. In the meantime, we waited for the next flocks and reloaded the shotty. Two ducks and a drake flew into view and Rob grabbed his duck caller and blew away with prowess. We waited with baited breath, in flew the the ducks and up jumped pastor Lewis. The gun blasted away three more times and down came two ducks. We ran out and and brought the two ducks back to the blind. Again we waited searching the skys and from time to time calling the flocks in but to no avail. Finally another flock of geese flew in and Rob started calling them in. In they flew and just as they were over top of us I jumped up and with the shotty at my hip fired off 3 shots. One goose dropped straight out of the sky and landed a few metres away. It was killed instantly. As we were waiting for more flocks of birds Pastor Lewis and I started plucking our game. Finally another group of geese flew in and Rob called them over. As the were flying just in front of us Rob jumped up and blasted off his three rounds. One lone goose began his slow descent. It landed about 500 yards away. After a little while Rob got up and started his wild goose chase. Sure enough, as soon as he got within 50 metres it began its run with Rob hard on it heels. It didn't take too long for Rob to catch it and bring it back to the blind. After cleaning up we headed over to look for the white Goose that had come down earlier in the day. I had already been over to look for it and when I got close to where he had landed one took off and flew effortlessly into the horizon. After an intensive search by foot and four wheel drive we left off believing that the one that took off was the one that had gone down earlier. After getting home I gutted and prepared the goose. It is now bagged and in the freezer.
After lunch I jumped into my car and headed off for a drive. I headed over to the local lake, Gull Lake, and then kept driving to a place called Edmonton or Leduc. All up it was a 300Klm round trip and the car is a pearler.

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