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December 2009


We hey, winters here

-30 °C

Well, hey... I guess winter is coming. Cold, you must be joking Pete, you haven't seen nothing yet! Thats what I keep getting told. Now, finally, they are agreeing with me that it is a wee chilly outdside. We headed to church yesterday and I was pretty worried that i would get bogged in the snow. I have learnt the fun of using the handbrake to assiting in turning. When driving for a few days after a snow storm the snow compacts down to a layer of ice. When I pull up at a set of traffic lights the ABS works harder then I have ever heard it work. In the carparks outside of Wall mart etc. not only do you have to drive really slowly but you have to watch your step as it is just ice under foot. When I finished working last night it was -23 degrees celcius. Last night it it got down to -30 degrees. It has snowed a few times and we now have about 25cm's of snow on the ground. When I get dressed i wear a singlet, t-shirt, jumper, overalls, puffer vest and puffer jacket, jeans, socks and a toque... What is a toque you may ask.... Well the Canadians ask what is a beanie!!! I have also bought a balaclava to keep my cheeks and nose warm when the wind is blowing! All the cars have block heaters on them which keeps the fluids at about 50 degrees celcious. There are accidents mentioned every day on the news where cars have crossed the grass median strip and colided head on with trucks, cars that have failedto stop at a stop sign and generally there is at least one person dead if not more. The cows have iciles hanging from their wiskers and a coat of frost on their backs. When I open the door to the main barn to feed the cows the cold air rushes in and causes fog so i can hardly see where to back the tractor. I went into Red Deer last Monday to see the doctor regarding my broken finger. As i was heading up the hill to the hospital the van in front of me slid straight off the road and into the ditch. I had to slow down and almost lost traction as well. When I got out of the hospital the car was covered in snow and the windscreen was totally iced up! I should be able to take the finger out of the splint by about christmas day.

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