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July 24th

Farnborough International Airshow

overcast 21 °C

Today I got up at 6:50am or there abouts, showered, shaved and headed out the door to meet Alastair. Finlay dropped me off at the train station and i ran to the ticket office. I purchased the ticket and ran up to the platform to just in time to see the train I was meant to catch leave the station. Well, that made me really late! I jumped onto the next train and got talking to another guy who was also heading to the airshow. we hopped off the train (not literally) and found that out connection was running 10 minutes late which would mean that we would miss our next connection. He checked his paperwork and found that there was another train leaving in about 12 minutes which was direct to the station we wanted t go to so we took that one. I arrived and Alastair picked me up and took me back to his place. He had a spare ticket to the Farnborough International Airshow which is absolutely huge. It is a week long show with only the last 2 days of it opened to the public. Last time at he 2008 show I think they sold 88 billion in aircraft at this show. Well there was a long list of aircraft on show including the Euro fighter, FA-18, F16C, F15E, Airbus A380 and Vulcan Bomber. We headed in through what looked like a big queue but when we were in and looked back the queue seemed to have become 3 or 4 times longer! We checked out some of the army choppers and headed straight on to the A380. After a few shot we continued on and learned that it would be opened up to the public later in the day. We continued on as we only had a couple of hours before all the aerial stunts started. We took a few picture of the FA-18, F16C & F15E checked out some of the Pakistani air force.
We found the Vulcan which was the 1950's nuclear bomber. It is one huge aircraft! We headed over to the Spitfires, Lancaster bomber etc. We walked over to the rides and the kids went for a ride in a mini ferris wheel. We all went for a ride down an old 1800's style ride called "helter skelter". We sat down for a bite of lunch old chap and then met up with the Munn family and tried to find a spot to watch the airshow. The only problem was that it was over crowded and there was nowhere to sit. So while George Munn and Alastair were watching the airshow, two of the munn boys, James and I waited in line for a tour around the FA-18, F16 & F15 display.
The pilots gave us a run down on the aircrafts capabilities, missile capabilities and answered any questions we had. After the tour I walked around and finally found a stand selling cold drinks and bought a couple. We watched the A380 take off and go directly upwards, then turn hard right and bank in a circle all the way around. I cant type here all the spectacular stuff i saw as you would probably be asleep before I have finished! We finished up the afternoon by watching an acrobatic show put on by the red arrows who were flying jets as well. We also watched the humongous Vulcun bomber. We headed back to Alistair and Ruths house for a very enjoyable dinner. I headed home on the train and after switching lines once arrived into Raynes Park at about 10:40pm.

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Friday June 25th

River Cree Rocky Mountain Nitro Jam Nationals 2010

all seasons in one day 24 °C

Today I started work at 3:30am for the morning milking, fed the milk cows and calf’s and finished up at around 9:30 am. I got ready and headed out to Pastor Lewis’s place to pick him and his 2 eldest sons, Jonothan and Jacob, up. When I got there I showed them my new laptop and carry on back pack. We headed off at around 11:30 and stopped off at a Taco Del Mars for lunch where we had some super heated burritos. Look, I like the Halapeno's but these tasted like they had been marinated in battery acid! Boy, were they hot! After lunch we hit the road again on the search for speed. We got off at a few wrong off ramps and then back onto the highway at what turned out to be the right one. After doing a u turn we finally arrived at our location… The Castrol Raceway in Edmonton.

Today was the 1st day of the IHRA River Cree Rocky Mountain Nationals of drag racing. We bought the premium seats so we could sit right in front of the burnout / start line. We sat for about two and a half hours watching the drag racing with the fastest time being a 7.2 second quarter mile. We were all enjoying ourselves and looking forward to the top fuelers which do a quarter mile in between 4 and 5 seconds and the jet trucks which would come later in the night. We headed out to the pits and checked out a whole bunch of the cars and the jet trucks. By the time we headed back to the stands and the crew were working on burning the rubber off the start finish line whilst the dryer trucks where going up and down the track. Finally after 1 hour or so they told us that the water table was so high and the track so hot that the water was starting to come up through the track. They would have to wait for the track to cool down again for the racing to resume. We were told to come back at 7:30pm so we jumped into my car (not literally) and headed to West Edmonton Mall which is one of the biggest malls in the world. We went to one of the food courts and I ordered a kebab. After downing our dinners we checked out the worlds largest indoor rollercoaster and headed back to the car and as we entered the car park a nice big dark blue horizon greeted us. I floored it and tried to get us back to the track as soon as possible but by time we arrived at the track at 7:30pm, which was the official restart time, it was starting to spit. Well we waited for about another half hour or so till 8 pm and then the race night was cancelled. As there were no refunds I must say I was quite stoked that we went early in the day and caught some of the action in comparison to those who went after work.

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Amersfoort Military Open Day

Helicopter Droping Soldiers Into Terrorist Controlled Area

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June 6

semi-overcast 18 °C

9P6060071.jpgToday the Dutch army held an open day. Berend, Auke, Dieuwe and I rode down to the Army base at Amersfoort which is about 40 minutes by bike. We parked our bikes with about 300 others and walked around to the line. Entry was free and we got a free camo shirt on entry. First we waited in a line for about an hour to have a go on a flight simulator. Needless to say that out of the 5 people that successfully landed the plane on the flight carrier we were not included. We moved on to get a free coffee and looked at some WWII Sherman tanks and other vehicles. Then we moved on to a shooting course. Here we waited for an hour and a half and then got our go. You were given a real gun with blank and a laser. We walked through a course shooting bad guys, timber shapes of people with laser/infra red receivers.
After we finished the course we received free pea soup and coffee to go with our packed lunch. Then we moved onto the big stadium and watched several shows involving apache helicopters, tanks and an F16. We had Indonesian for tea and I bought another pack of “Anta Flu” cough lollies as my throat is absolutely killing from a cold I got just after / during mf flight. Anyways… there are some cool pics in the gallery.

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